Amin first entered the dance scene in 2003 in one of the oldest Malay dance associations in Singapore, Perkumpulan Seni. Since then he has actively established himself as choreographer and proceeded to create works both at an national and international level.

As an avid artistic creator of dance-theatre, Amin has collaborated in multidisciplinary works with local and international artists from the disciplines of traditional folk music, sonic arts, lighting design and dance forms such as hiphop, classical Indian dance and various Asian folk forms.

Whilst undergoing his postgraduate studies in 2016 at United Kingdom, he co-founded and is the Joint Artistic Director of Bhumi Collective, which is a multi-disciplinary arts company telling stories of the lesser seen, the lesser heard and the lesser talked about.

Prior to this, in Singapore, he is the Co-Founder of a Malay Dance organisation, DIAN Dancers, that was established in 2002. He was the troupe's managing director from 2012 to 2014. Under his direction, the troupe has performed and represented Singapore at folk festivals, Australia, South Korea, Thailand and China . 

Soultari Amin Farid Video Portfolio (11mins)

"Soultari is Amin's stage name and it symbolises how his soul defines his passion for tari which is dance in his native tongue, bahasa melayu."