• Amin Farid (Soultari)

If Tradition Had A Voice

If "tradition" had a voice

Why do you speak for me when I have existed even before you Claiming my authenticity when you never bore witness to my creation You assume ownership when those before you had not bothered Labelling and calling me when I never had a name to begin with

Why do you fossilize me imposing your systems and structures when there were none placing a worth when I am priceless

I accept I change with time Yesterday I am pastime Tomorrow I am heritage Now I am intangible,

I question if I ever existed

Why do you speak for me, when you don't know me? Assuming mountains of my value placing slabs of concrete on my joints dissecting me into parts creating myths of my origins

Never for a moment to wonder about the texture, tone, quality of my voice, if I ever had a voice.

Soultari Amin Farid First Published on Facebook 17 April 2018


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