• Amin Farid (Soultari)

We say dance is a reflection of life

We say dance is a reflection of life, Yet we pick and choose, Opting the celebratory, Conveniently casting aside the bits that disgust, shame, contradict

We say dance is a reflection of life, Yet we privilege the aesthetics forgetting the body, lump of bone and flesh, We manipulate limbs, wringing pails of sweat, labour of our human existence

Proudly we speak that dance is life, Yet we forget about the soul, Assuming it may be evoked through a few stamps there, a few turns here discounting its intangibility, ephemeralness

Truly if dance is a reflection of this life, I wonder how it would truly be if we practise self-reflection, Then could dance truly be about life or just mere shadows un-enlightened of its potential capacity.

Soultari Amin Farid First Published on Facebook on 14 April 2018


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