Amin Farid's choreography combined modern dance with Malay and Indian traditions, where grace and violence found an equal footing.

Chang Tou Liang

Reviewer of Ikan Girl, Straits Times Singapore

In the piece, when Soultari Amin Farid is teaching the other dancers aspects of Malay dance, he outlines very clear traditions in relation to male and female cultural roles. But when he himself dances, I see everything mixing up in ways that free the human spirit from all such restrictions

Tamsin Haggins

Artist & Audience member of Bhumi Collective

showcases epic visual storytelling to address the issue of identity in a multicultural world


Reviewer of Bhumi

Soultari is a delight as he leads the cast in a traditional dance, directing them with powerful phrases such as "girls run, boys chase". The twinkle in his eye is so mischievous that he even has the sound technician giggling behind me: the sentence feels more like social commentary than a simple movement direction

Nina Klaff

Edfringe Review,Reviewer of Bhumi

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